July 7, 2017, by Amy

How to Prepare for Graduation

My graduation is just around the corner and i’ll be honest with you all – I’m freaking out. I have never liked being the centre of attention and my whole family is going to watch me walk across the stage and that freaks me out. I remember looking at the photograph of my Dad on his graduation when I was younger and hoping that I would have a similar photograph someday, so the fact that that day is fast approaching is something that is freaking me out.

Not only that but there are a lot of things to prepare for the big day, so I’ve compiled my list to help you all out!


1.Find your Outfit 
The severity of this one depends on how much you care about fashion. For you, it might be that any suit or dress will do. For others, it will be an intense shopping experience weighing up if the outfit clashes with your course colours or compliments them, and if it’s ‘too fancy’ or ‘not fancy enough’. For me, I just want to be able to look back at these photographs in years to come and not cringe at what I was wearing.



2.Get your Schedule Prepared
I did not realise quite how much you have to prepare for your graduation. There’s when to arrive, when to pick up your gown, when the photographs are, when your particular ceremony is… the list goes on. This website here is super  helpful in giving precise times and information so you can be exactly where you need to be, and the day can run smoothly.


3.Relax, Enjoy and Celebrate!
You made it! You’ve worked hard and now you get to reap your rewards. Spend the day feeling proud of your achievements and celebrating them!








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