June 23, 2017, by Amy

How to Have the Perfect Summer

I have had my fair share of long summers. From the ages of 4 to 16 I had the glorious six week summers. Then throughout college and university I experienced the three month limbo of time off from when my exams finished to when the academic year began once again. I have been so used to this routine my entire life and this summer may very well be my last before I enter the big scary ‘adult world’ and unless I become a teacher, the big long summers will cease to be a thing.

That’s why this year I’m determined to make the most out of this summer, and I encourage you to as well. Whether this is your first three month long summer from university or your last before you begin a full-time job, these summers are special and we should make the most of them. Here are my tips on how to get the most out of your summer:


1.Take a Break
What is most important at the beginning of the summer is to give yourself some time to relax. Celebrate completing the academic year and give your brain a chance to chill-out. Delete all the open tabs that are up from your previous essay and find enjoyment in throwing away your revision cards. You worked hard and now you can relax!





2.See the World
I know travelling is expensive and not an option for many, but seeing the world doesn’t have to be exploring the grand canyon. It can be about finding new places to eat around your area or having a picnic at a park you’ve never been to. There are even fantastic opportunities such as Camp America that allow you to go and spend some time abroad and get paid for it. And if you do have the means to travel – go do it!






3.Be Productive
Once you have taken the time you needed to give your brain a chance to recharge, it’s time for action. Originally, this seemed daft to me. I used to want my summers to be spent relaxing and doing things for enjoyment, but I found that this wasn’t as fun as it sounds. Last year I refer to as my ‘lazy summer’. I spent days moping around the house bored and it did not feel good. Whether being productive means finding part-time employment, volunteering or throwing yourself into a hobby (see a previous blog for tips!) or sport – keeping yourself productive is a great way to feel like your summer was well spent.


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