July 1, 2016, by Amy

3 Creative Hobbies You Can Pick Up This Summer

Summer is now well and truly upon us like winter on Game of Thrones. It can be tempting to use this time to lie in bed all day and just relax, and whilst relaxing is certainly important after university, the long summer can be the perfect opportunity to gain some new skills. That may come in the form of employment or perhaps by picking up some new hobbies, to not only stop you going insane with boredom but also to kick start your creativity that you may have lost over the academic period.

1.Learn an Instrument
If I had to say my biggest regret of my childhood, it would be that I never went to any of those guitar lessons my parents always wanted me to go to. This summer I’ve started to learn ukulele after buying it for myself last year for £10 on Ebay. It’s a super easy instrument and there’s tonnes of Youtube videos with tutorials for songs so I definitely reccomend it to anyone new to learning an instrument.


I’m that person that always has to be doing something with their hands. I’m constantly fiddling with pens and bits of paper so I decided to put this annoying habit to some use and create something nice out of it. So far I’ve made several fish, a fox and a dozen butterflies. I’ve found origami to be a great way to relax too particularly if you suffer with anxiety. I recently had a job interview and took some origami paper with me to play with whilst I was waiting to be called.



Bob Ross’ ‘Beauty is everywhere’ has just been put onto Netflix so there is no better time to pick up a paintbrush and get those creative juices flowing. The Works sell tonnes of cheap art supplies to get you started, so pick up a canvas and get painting! Nothing is more inspiring and therapeutic than picking up a paintbrush whilst listening to Bob Ross’ soothing voice in the background.


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