June 29, 2016, by Emma

Three badass shows about badass women you need to be watching this summer

So that’s it. Exams are over, results are out and Britain has voted to leave the EU. And whether it’s been good news or bad, you can now finally binge watch all of the shows you said you would watch during revision. But as soon as you sit down to fully appreciate all of the free time you so often wished for, you suddenly find yourself with nothing to watch! No fear, I am here with some badass TV show recommendations! All of these shows feature lots of badass women doing lots of badass things so if that’s something that you’re into, keep reading!

Orange is the New Black

So let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. The new season is here and most people will have probably bingewatched it all already but if you’re one of the rare people who hasnshow yet, you need to get on it! It starts off as a show about a young woman called Piper who’s sent to a women’s prison in America on a drug charge from nearly ten years ago. However, as time goes on it becomes so much more than that! Commenting on issues such as race, religion, gender and prison power dynamics, all while filling you with laughter and dread in equal measure, it’s no surprise OITNB is the show everybody’ talking about!

Good for: Game of Thrones-y style multiple characters and storylines but with more women and less gory deaths

Orphan Black

I started watching this show with my housemate one night on a whim and boy oh boy I’m so glad I did! Orphan Black starts as Sarah Manning, a grown up orphan with slightly dodgy morals and a slightly abusive boyfriend, sees a woman who looks  exactly like her commit suicide at the train station. Due to the aforementioned slightly dodgy morals and slightly abusive boyfriend, Sarah decides to take over this woman’s life and begin living as her. Chaos ensues.

Good for: Lots of action, lots of mystery and lots of gore.

Jane the Virgin

The premise of Jane the Virgin is a slightly strange one. Woman who decides to save herself for marriage gets accidentally artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant. Again, chaos ensues. However as the story goes on, you learn to embrace the strangeness, and serious issues can often be explored in a very silly way!

Good for: Sillyness, massive plot twists, and women who are strong due to their relationships with each other, their determination and their knowledge in their own self worth!

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