June 22, 2017, by Danny Bav

Being a ‘graduand’

So I only figured out what the word ‘graduand’ meant a couple of weeks ago. It refers to that weird limbo period in final year where you finish your exams but you have not yet graduated and its the position that most of us final years are in. After 3 years of grueling exams (okay they weren’t that bad) I’ve finally made it! In a true Nottingham student fashion I headed to Mooch straight after my final exam for a mid-morning drink. We weren’t the only ones, Mooch seemed to be packed with students finishing their exams and the nice weather meant that it was a good place to sit and reflect.

A quick breakdown:

I remember arriving in my halls at St Peters Court and awkwardly knocking on the door opposite to meet my first university friend. My housemates in first year were great and we eventually bonded over nights out, endless cups of tea and random little trips we did together as a flat. I remember this was the time I was slowly settling in to university life and finding my way, experiencing many societies and getting my first part-time job. In the summer I went interrailing with friends and got to see a whole load of countries which definitely opened my eyes up to travelling.

Mini-golfing by the lake!

In my second year I was a little more grounded and I enjoyed my degree a lot more as topics became more difficult and interesting. I was on the committee of a society and had a great set of friends which meant life was very much busy. In my second semester I managed to secure a place at the Ningbo campus which helped me improve my Mandarin Chinese and live in a completely different world from what I have known. It was an amazing experience and now I have friends all over the globe to visit in the future.

My final year was a little quieter, but I had a great set of housemates which meant my friends were always around me. It was a great experience, even though the kitchen did get messy at times! This year has definitely flown, but I think I’m ready for the ‘real’ world as people like to call it.

However, before any of that ‘real world’ shenanigans starts I’m exploring Calgary in Canada for a much needed break from any kind of studying or brain work. Here’s to a month off before my graduation ceremony in July!

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