July 25, 2016, by Emily Howard

Student life… as Alumni

“The Alumni Network is the best way to keep in touch with your friends from university”, said Vice Chancellor Sir David Greenaway at my graduation last week. Us graduates in the audience smirked… because let’s be honest, we all know Facebook is the best way to keep in touch, and none of us had even considered signing up to the Alumni Network. My house mate even used a fake email address.

A week later however, David’s proclamation is still lingering in my mind. Having thought about it, the Alumni network could actually come in handy. Two days after my graduation, I went to Hallward to print out a few things, mindlessly scanning my student card at the gateway – only to find that the gates didn’t open for me. Of course. I am no longer a student! There and then I realised one of the awesome short-term perks of being UoN alumni – for a few weeks after graduation, I’m able to enter libraries by giving my student information and use the printers too.

Renowned novelist D.H. Lawrence graduated from UoN with a Teaching Certificate in 1906!

Looking online, the benefits of being alumni extend far more than being able to print a few pages. Here are some top tips of ways the Alumni network could be useful to you:

  • Careers Service! Say what! They’re still around to help you find a grad job, internship or postgrad study, and have handy tips from other alumni.
  • If you’re really missing Hallward, you can buy an annual library membership for £25  – which lets you into all libraries across campus!
  • The state-of-the-art sports facilities are open to alumni for £165 a year.
  • You can even stay a member of the societies you love!?! For £5 a year or £30 for LIFE (as well as individial society membership prices) you can be an associate member – which lets you join in all societies and activities. Woah.
  • Discount at the Orchard Hotel and in hall accommodation is perfect for visiting friends still at UoN.
  • You’ll get access to the exclusive Hemsley Restaurant and Bar. It’s a bit (um, LOT) posher than Mooch.
  • Finally, if you met the love of your life at uni, you can even get MARRIED on campus for a discounted price! Already imagining the photos in front of Trent…

And that’s just to name a few. Maybe now you’ve graduated you never want to return, or maybe you don’t want to leave. Maybe in 15 years you’ll get sentimental. Who knows, at least UoN Alumni Network have got you covered!

Top rugby player Brian Moore graduated with a Law degree from UoN in 1984!

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