July 23, 2016, by Gemma Coleman

What graduation is actually like

08:00– final drive down to Nottingham. Let’s not get too emotional Gemma, it’s only the A52.

10:00 – god it’s getting hot already. Might open a window. But that would mess up my hair. Am going to kill anyone that tries to open a window.

10:01 – I’m going to kill my brother.

11:35 – finally got to the house, would be nice to have five minutes of chill before the day starts. I’ll go and relax in the lounge.

11:36 – the entire population of Nottingham is in my lounge. Hello everyone’s second cousins twice removed.


Little brother photobombing since 1997

Little brother photobombing since 1997

13:00 – should probably go to graduation now.

13:30 – have no idea where we’re going. Mum says I should have read the email.

13:35 – we’ve ended up in a marquee. Marquees are graduation-esque, we’re probably in the right place.

13:36 – we’re not in the right place.

14:00 – omg I’m wearing a mortarboard. I am so scholarly, am basically Legally Blonde.

My feet have died.

My feet have died.

14:01 – mortarboard won’t stay on my head.

14:02 – pose for photos with Mum.

14:03 – hat falls off head.

14:04 – pose for photos with Dad.

14:05– hat falls off head.

14:06 – pose for photos with boyfriend.

14:07 – hat falls off head.

Proof this is not just my artistic license.

Proof this is not just my artistic license.

14:08 – Mum looks like she might cry. Maybe it’s because my hat doesn’t fit.

14:09 – change hats.

The hat is clearly just sick of photos.

The hat is clearly just sick of photos.

14:30 – we’ve all been ushered into the ceremony hall. My gown is so hot – thank god we’re not allowed our hats on in here.

15:00 – I seem to be walking across a stage. People are applauding me. My hands are incredibly sweaty, I’m sure the upcoming handshake is going to be quite unpleasant for all persons involved.

15:02 – have somehow managed to get back to my seat. Hands are clapping on autopilot. Can’t tell if I’m emotional or just hot.

16:00 – attempt number three of hat-throwing pic. Feel like I’m on High School Musical.

If you didn't take this photo did you even graduate?

If you didn’t take this photo did you even graduate?

16:30 – they’ve come to take my gown away. I will never give up my gown.

16:31 – give back my gown. It was Nottingham Trent’s colours anyway.

The Graduate(s)

The Graduate(s)

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