June 17, 2016, by Amy

Why Second Year is the Best Year

As of today I have officially finished my second year of university. The time has flown faster than expected and now I only have a summer separating me and the last year of my degree.

Whilst I have not experienced third year yet, I have a feeling it will be a lot of ugly crying over my dissertation and the fact that I’ll be so close to graduating and leaving my lovely housemates.

So I have composed a list as to why second year is by far the best year of university.

  1. House beats Halls
    Some people love hall life and think it’s fantastic. I was not one of those people. After a few months I had found my friends and was ready to move into a house with them. Moving into a house was so exciting, I finally felt like a proper ‘adult’. I loved having a proper kitchen and living room area and I felt like I was living in an episode of Friends!


  2. The marks count, but not too much
    It was easy to brush off first year in terms of academics, the marks didn’t actually count and therefore I found myself being laid back with my studying. Second year has eased me in to having to work hard, without the full blown pressure of third year.


  3. Experiencing the Town
    In first year, I tended to stay in the campus bubble, I mean it’s beautiful and had everything I needed so why would I venture out? But in second year I found myself exploring the town a lot more and experiencing all the little restaurants and cafes. I felt more connected with Nottingham as a city.


  4. Settling In
    First year was all about settling in, finding friends, learning how to wash your own clothes and figuring out what you’re doing with your course. Coming back to Nottingham from a summer away, I felt really comfortable and settled, I knew what I was doing and was ready to take on the year with all its highs and lows.


In conclusion (I seem to be in essay mode), second year for me has overall been amazing. Whether you’re a student looking around universities to see which one you would like to go to, or first year going into second year, have faith that your experience is #MeantToBe and there’s a lot of fun ahead!

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