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What to do when you’re FREE!!!

2 weeks I ago, I finished my final exam ever and I was set free back into the non-revising world. Where have these last two weeks gone, I have no idea. And to think in another 2 weeks I’ll be told my results, I do not like it. However if you are just finishing up with your exams, here are a couple of things you could do to make the time fly by.


  • A massive deep clean of your room

My room turned into a bombsite and by the last exam I didn’t care, I just chucked all my notes around my room once I was finished. My parents are terrified with the amount of things I have accumulated over the past 3 years and worry how am I going to bring it back home once I graduate. So after 2 days of sitting in dust and rubbish, I threw out around 9 bags of rubbish only from my chest of drawers, cupboards and shelves. That’s only around a quarter of my room, the rest I’ll deal with later.




After! (It doesn't look that different, but trust me it is!)

After! (It doesn’t look that different, but trust me it is!)












  • Alton Towers

Coming from the south, Alton Towers was just something you see on the back of cereal boxes. So being only 45 minutes away from it, I thought it was about time to go see what everyone is talking about. I went on the day of my last exam; it was so good to get all the frustration out through screaming on the rides. If you’ve never been, you have to go!



We're enjoying it really

We’re enjoying it really


  • Visit back home

If you’re able to go visit your family, then I would advise you do so. Since I finished early, none of my friends were able to celebrate with me, but I knew I could rely on my family (sad but true). When revising for these exams, I went into zombie mode, so it was nice to be able to go back home and be there for my grandma’s 80th birthday in my normal human state. However, all my family remembered that I was free and kept on asking when I’d know my result, that conversation I did not enjoy.


I actually had time to bake my grandma's cake!

I actually had time to bake my grandma’s cake!


  • Plan for the summer

I’ve got around 4 months until I start my graduate scheme (results pending…), so what to do during that time. Now that I’m free, I have actually been able to think about the summer and have booked a spontaneous trip to China! 3 weeks of dim sum and travelling I can’t wait! I’ve also been able to plan a family holiday as well as a cheeky getaway to New York with my mum for some retail therapy.


It's not real until you buy a travel guide and take a picture of it

It’s not real until you buy a travel guide and take a picture of it


  • Chilling with friends

Once all my friends had finished, I came straight back to Nottingham to celebrate with them. Although, we didn’t go clubbing being the oldies that we are, we played monopoly! Over the past week I have played monopoly 3 times as well as poker, but it feels so good just to relax and not have revision to go back to. We’ve also had BBQs, visited the Lumanarium at uni park and movie nights!


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