June 6, 2016, by Amy

5 Top Tips for Train Travel

Once Upon a Time I was a very naive student who thought that taking the train would be a simple task, you get on at one stop and then off at the other – but I turned out to be very wrong. Taking the train is an art form, a craft that I have developed through my time travelling all around the UK and here I shall share some of that knowledge with you, hoping to improve your train journey experience.


1.Request a Seat
If you book in advance via apps such as The TrainLine, there is an option on most trains that allows you to request a seat, that way you won’t end up sitting on your suitcase by the toilet with questionable smells your whole journey (this has happened to me on several occasions…) That being said, there is a chance that people might sit on your seat, despite it saying it’s requested and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be too British and polite to ask that person to move.


2.Invest in a Railcard
If you’re a fresher, you can get the Santander student bank account which gives you a free 4 year railcard! If you were late to the party like me, you can buy a year long pass for £30 and I made the money back on that in no time.


Collecting your tickets also makes for cool wall art!


3.Find the Perfect Suitcase
From my experience the perfect suitcase is a four-wheeler that is the perfect size for the overhead baggage holder but just about manages to fit all the things you need for a home visit in it. It will soon become your best friend.


4.Pack Entertainment
Just like when you used to take long car journeys as a child, you’re going to want to pack some entertainment. This is a great time to catch up on any reading you may need to do for your course, or to get ahead. Headphones are also a must, especially when there’s crying children on the train (and there usually is).


Forever keeping up with the reading!


5.Arrive Early
Many trains arrive early in Nottingham station meaning if you arrive early you’ll have plenty of time to grab a seat and sort yourself out before everyone else shows up.

And that’s about it! The best you can do now is wish for good luck and hope you get a pleasant train experience!

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