May 21, 2016, by Emily Howard

Nottingham’s LGBT-friendly venues

Queer culture can sometimes be hard to find; as are venues where LGBT+ individuals feel safe to be completely themselves. For the undiscerning observer or those new to the scene, finding a spot to feel comfortable going on a date, or out with mates can be tricky. As well as the fab community offered by the uni’s LGBT Network, here are a few day and night venues dotted around the city which welcome all individuals:


Despite a seeming dearth of specifically LGBT-oriented clubs in the city, Propaganda retains its rainbow scene with drag queens and glittery music (and a definite pride vibe)! The student LGBT Network are regularly to be seen on a Wednesday (£1 drinks!) or Friday, and often organise nights out ending at Props.



Spanky Van Dykes… if the name didn’t say it all, there’s only one word for this all-day bar/restaurant/cafe/diner/gig space/club space: eclectic. You’ll have to see for yourself this self-proclaimed “fun house”, with its vibrant atmosphere and quirky and welcoming staff. Also, 2-4-1 burgers on a Tuesday! (Heard on the grapevine that another LGBT and vegan-friendly burger joint -and not just any regular burger- is Annie’s Burger Shack…)


Art-house cinema does tend to attract a certain non-mainstream type, it has to be said. Broadway Cinema is THE showcase to catch up on the best of European film, with student deals (just ask about the student card) and a chic cafe-bar specialising in top ales, tasty treats and 2-4-1 pizzas on a Monday and Tuesday! Notts Trans Hub frequently meet for a drink at this welcoming space.

Another LGBT-inclusive cultural space is Five Leaves Bookshop. Specialising in Leftist counter-culture, Five Leaves is a self-proclaimed “radical” bookshop. So cool – if you can find it, that is!



The tea: Lee Rosy’s. With over 100 different types of tea to explore and try and vegan and gluten-free snacks (trust me, they’re delicious!) this place is as diverse as its customers. If you’ve just been to Five Leaves, Lee Rosy’s is host to the city’s Queer Reading Group! What’s more, their indie playlist is awesome.

The coffee: founded by a lovely and openly LGBT married couple, Wired cafe is a space of a celebratory nature. Stridently independent and featuring the best of Nottinghamshire art and music – even hosting a regular poetry night – Wired is the coolest place to hang out and watch the world go by (if you can get a seat, that is). Their coffee and cakes are also inspirational!

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