May 24, 2016, by Emer

Go Enjoy Nature!

Recently I’ve found a way to undercut some of that seemingly never-ending exam stress, and it’s right here on campus! Every time I go outside in University Park I’m slightly awestruck and without fail I comment, “Oh my god this campus is beautiful! How much did we luck out coming here?” From the lake, to Trent building at sunset, to the seemingly secret little gardens and waterfalls, it seems as if we’re studying in a sort of natural paradise. And while sometimes it has seemed like nothing could ever matter more whether I have revised sufficiently for the next exam, taking a break and going outside always reminds me that these stresses are temporary and there are bigger things. Even if I don’t get a first in all my exams, there will still be swans on the lake and blossom on the trees and everything’s going to be ok. So these are some of my favourite places on and around campus to go de-stress and marvel at the wonders of nature:

  • My absolute favourite part of campus is the lake. It’s beautiful from any angle but I particularly like the bit at the end near Trent building with stepping stones and a waterfall.



How can anyone be stressed when these tiny fluffy ducklings exist?

How can anyone be stressed when these tiny fluffy ducklings exist?

  • The Millenium Garden behind Law and Social Sciences is ridiculously chill


  • The waterfall on the opposite side of campus, near Cripps Health Centre, feels like a peaceful natural haven


  • The front of Trent Building in the sunshine is so gorgeous – great for a study break and some fresh air


(Shout out to Francesca Teare for photography skills!)

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