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January 11, 2016, by Emily Howard

How to beat the January blues

It’s the same scenario every year. January has hit: dank, dark days, regretful (well, regret-fuelled) diets and the unwelcome resumption of everyday life after the festive utopia.  Add to that a foreboding few months of uninterrupted studying plus a handful of looming exams and the outlook is bleak. In such a situation it’s all too tempting to envisage your degree mark as a mere triviality and hibernate back under the duvet. But why do we convince ourselves that this is the only option? January doesn’t have to be so drab! Here are some alternative solutions to motivate yourself through exams:

1. Plan a post-exam trip


Cheap airlines do some great deals from East Midlands airport, so why not use the money you haven’t spent on nights out and book a few days away with some mates? We’re heading to Warsaw for the weekend: flights and hostel for under a hundred quid!

2. Go out for dinner with some mates


If food makes you happy, don’t make yourself miserable by subscribing to the post-Christmas diet. A dinner out with friends is the perfect way to treat yourself and unwind.

3. Have a mid-exam pyjama party


One word: blanket forts. A mid-exam period evening of classic games, films and midnight feasts is sure to tackle stress, and doesn’t take too much time out of your revision schedule either.

4. Treat yourself to some relaxation


Get rid of all tensions physically, mentally and emotionally. Massage, facial, spa treatment? You deserve it!

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