January 8, 2016, by Charlie Porter

A Few Things I’m Missing About Uni

In the days leading up to Christmas I made a post about what I was looking forward to about going home. Now that I’m at home, it only seems right to make a post about what I’m missing back at uni…


1: Sainsbury’s on Derby Road

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you will always run into someone you know at the Sainsbury’s on Derby Road – whether that’s walking by, getting on the 34, at the checkout, or amongst the aisles. I find Sainsbury’s a great place to catch up with anyone and everyone: your best friends, the friends-that-haven’t-spoken-in-awhile, to the really awkward acquaintances that all you really do is give the nod of acknowledgement and move along. And the worst is seeing someone, updating them on your life (and why you’ve come to Sainsbury’s)… and then bumping into them again in another aisle.


2: Cooking what you Crave


Don’t get me wrong – I love Mama’s home-cooked meals. They’re free, they’re delicious, and you can have seconds for days. But there are sometimes when even that has its downs. “I’m cooking salmon tonight, how does that sound?” “Well honestly, Mum, I kind of wanted to have cereal for dinner, but if you insist…” My housemates, for example, are quite prone to eating just a pan of pasta. And there was one time I had mango chutney and bread for lunch. Just because I wanted it.

3: McDonalds


At home McDonalds is a special treat, or a last-minute meal if we’ve gone into town and left it to let to cook something. At uni, you can go to McDonalds whenever you want. Whilst we all know it’s a bad idea, we still end up there in the middle of the night and sometimes have a better time there then we did at the club. You don’t get judged for ordering an entire meal (and a free cheeseburger) to yourself, and you’re always welcome (so long as the bouncer isn’t there). I’m pretty sure Deliveroo will deliver as well…

4: Ocean


Obviously. It’s not the only thing I miss about Nottingham, but I can’t help feel a pang of nostalgia every time Abba or Justin Bieber or Jess Glynne (or any top-40 song ever) comes on the radio. I have to suppress my toe tapping and hip-wobbling in case the dance moves I actually do in Ocean come out, which I don’t think my parents would be proud of.

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