December 17, 2015, by Dushy

Dear 2016…


Even though Christmas is still a week away, I thought I’d look beyond Christmas and to the New Year. As students we will all definitely have a couple of New Year’s resolutions, so I have picked out the ones that will definitely be on your list for 2016 and how long they’ll realistically last.


  • Study harder

Don’t worry you will definitely do this for the first month back after the holidays as it will be exam season for most of us, however after that it’s all down to you! So sorry, this will last around a month for most of us.


  • Eat healthier

Towards the end of last term you were probably living off take aways, rotten food and a Christmas dinner before returning back home. So you want to forget the old habit you had last year and get the greens on your plate in 2016. Sorry again, but remember with exams comes less motivation to actually get a saucepan out and cook.

Seems like you’ve broken this one as soon as you get back to uni!



  • Make it to all lectures (including 9ams)

You will stick to this, especially if you have new modules starting next semester. However after a few weeks, you’ll think to yourself, sleep is more important and “I missed 9ams last term and survived so I can do it again this term”. All I can say to this is good luck when revising for the summer and this resolution will be broken in a couple of weeks.


  • Go out less

Now I can speak for myself, I will be breaking this as soon as next semester starts, as it will be my 21st birthday on the first day back! So for myself, I’m just going to say it, I’ve broken it already. But for the rest of you, don’t go by my example and last a bit longer than me.


  • No more

We can all remember the stress at the end of last term when it came to coursework crunch time. After submitting those pieces, we all told ourselves that next time you will not be in this situation again. Well old habits die hard, so hopefully in 2016 you may do better, but if not, you’ve broken this resolution however it has still taken a good few months (which is better than the others!).


For my 2016 I just want to get a degree, so fingers crossed!


Merry Christmas and bring on 2016!


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