December 16, 2015, by Emma

The TV to watch instead of revising this Christmas

For those with exams in January, the joy of going home for the holidays is slightly tainted by the ever looming guilty feeling that you should be revising rather than pigging out on advent calandars and watching Love Actually for the twelth time. Well, what if I told you that you could have it both ways, you can remove that feeling of guilt whist watching TV at the same time? Okay, these shows aren’t going to guarentee you a 2:1 but it’s better than nothing right?

Doctor Who- Christmas Day at 5:15pm

The Doctor Who Christmas special is a must watch in my house. And luckily, if you’re doing anything vaguely sciency, there might be some kind of spacey/alien biology/time travelly facts that you can pick up on. It’s unlikely though, considering it’s a sci-fi show with very loose scientific rules- basically anything complicated is explained away by simply calling it “timey-wimey.” But it might get you in the mood to do some science revision at least, which is a start. Or if you’re a history student you might be incredibly lucky and the Doctor and his companion happen to travel back to a time period you’re studying!

The Secret Life of Children Christmas Special- 17th December at 8pm

My brother recently introduced me to the Secret Life of Children, and as a psychology student, I don’t feel quite so guilty watching this hidden camera program and pigging out on chocolate as I do with other TV shows. Whilst I’m not doing any modules on developmental psychology this term, the scenes when “the professionals” explain the children’s behaviour mean I can tell myself that it might come in useful to my degree one day. Also, anyone studying teaching might be able to gain some valuable tips!

Christmas University Challenge- Christmas Eve at 7:30pm£jaeremy

This is the one where you’re most likely to learn something. Real university graduates, real questions from a wide range of subjects, an aging Jeremy Paxman, yep, this show is all the revision you need. Hopefully. Don’t quote me on that…

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