November 18, 2015, by Joe

Our House

As 2015 comes to a close I’m sure many of you out there are thinking about where you are going to live next year, some of you might have even been on a few house viewings. My memory of house viewings was of them being awkward, sort of reminiscent of going to the zoo. Wandering around a random house peering into rooms, exchanging fleeting glances with the startled residents and secretly deciding which room you are going to shotgun.

For all the first years out there I am here to inform you how all the cold trudging around Lenton and constant searching on are very much worth it. For me, living in a house with friends for the first time in my life has been fantastic, and in my opinion at least much better than halls, (sorry Lincoln Hall, it’s nothing personal). The absence of a television and sofa was very sorely felt by all in my first year, especially by lazy students such as me. And don’t get me wrong there are lots of things I miss about Halls, not ever having to cook or wash up for example, and for Lincoln Hall at least, a very strong sense of hall identity, as well as the strong sense of community provided by being just a short walk from all of my friends. However moving into a house has given me a strong sense of independence that has only further added to my already comprehensive student experience and has made me feel more like a “grown up”. I would highly recommend it to those of you who are unsure about whether moving out of halls is right for you or not.

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