November 16, 2015, by Emily Howard

Don’t panic: top tips for when the parents visit



It’s that time of year: week six and people have started getting homesick. (Well, our families assume we have, even if we actually forgot about our hometown – apart from the cat, obviously). For those like me who didn’t go back home but whose parents want to remember what their child looks like, weekends have been spent showing off Notts to the ‘rents. Here are a few ideas on things to amuse visiting family members (and distract them from your messy student house):


1) Take a walk. Trek over to Wollaton Park, or if you’re not feeling up to it, the lake is always a top hit with parents, (who feel reassured that their child is getting some fresh air and greenery). Nearby, Lakeside Arts Centre provides a cosy cup of tea and always has an interesting exhibition on.

2) Explore the city. Last weekend I spent a good few hours roaming the streets with Robin Hood – on a walking tour, duh. This is a great way to soak up some history and get to know your way around (as well as noting the top pubs).


3) Tourist attractions. The caves and the galleries of justice have great reputations, and the castle boasts a good view of the city. Nothing feels more weird than being a tourist in your own city, but hey!

4) Drink. Not Ocean-esque, obviously; but there are some quaint little tea rooms dotted around the city (such as Lee Rosy’s, White Rabbit, and the Pudding Pantry). If your dad’s an ale drinker like mine, then a compulsory trip to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is in order! Other historic pubs include Ye Olde Salutation Inn and the Bell Inn.


5) Eat. One of the best things about the ‘rents visiting is the promise of going out for dinner, and Notts boasts some of the top independent restaurants of the country. From all-American burgers at Annie’s Burger Shack and the real-deal Chinese nosh at Shanghai Shanghai, to fine dining at the Larder on Goosegate and Sat Bains, you’ll fill your ever-rumbling belly and impress your parents by not suggesting Maccy D’s.

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