November 13, 2015, by Charlie Porter

5 Ways of Knowing You’re in a Uni Sports Team

1. You live and breathe stash. Whether it’s in the comfort of your home, the study area of the library, or even at training itself, there will be a university crest embedded on you somewhere. You hoard Kukri selection of stash like collector items, saving up for the big ones like the gilet, the smock-top and the trackies. And don’t deny it – you were more than tempted too get the Kukri onesie.


Wednesday’s are always the best day of the week. It’s normally a sign that Friday’s getting closer, but for us Wednesday means Game Day. Green and gold dominates campus and Lenton; everyone is kitted and booted, armed with their weapon of choice – be it a hockey stick, badminton racket or football – and ready to do their university proud. After a victorious and triumphant day, there’s only one place to celebrate: Crisis. Pre’s are at 8, and after a manic struggle for taxi’s you’ll be in the club by 11. Don’t forget the fancy dress – unless you’re keeping it traditional with trousers and ties.

Thursdays are always the worst. It’s as if your lecturer purposely designed a 9am for you to miss it, because after last night’s antics there’s no way you were going to make it. The day is a blur of forgotten memories, recently tagged photos, and frantic posts on Notts Lost and Found – but if you’re lucky there’ll be a Domino’s at the end of the horizon.

You have a designated corner in each club you go to. Speaking as a footballer, I always know where to go on a night out if I find myself deserted and friend-less: Football Corner. Even if you came out with your house-mates or a course social, you always know there will be a little gaggle of familiar faces grooving somewhere in the club.


You have a big extended family. Joining a sports team is probably one of the best things you’ll do at university. When the time comes to graduate you’ll leave with more than just a degree (and crippling debt) – you’ll leave with an infinite amount of memories of your weird and wonderful family, who you will never forget.

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