June 11, 2015, by Jennifer Scott

Things I Learnt in Second Year of Uni

Results day is fast approaching and second year of uni is well and truly over for me. I’m a little bit terrified of becoming a final year student and therefore having to face the thought of graduation, so for now let’s take a look back instead of forward and take a look at what (non-academic) things second year of uni has taught me…

You'll find me here bright and early!

You’ll find me here bright and early!

Early mornings are the best

In second year of uni, I perfected the art of getting up early and getting all the best books/the best seat in Hallward/actual silence and it made everything a bit easier. Go mornings!

First year wasn’t that bad

After all the harsh words I had to say about first year of uni, it turns out I may have been a tad dramatic.

Condensed timetables aren’t necessarily that great

If I learnt one thing in autumn semester last year, it was not to squeeze my timetable into two days just because I could. The need to run across campus and lack of library time weren’t worth the reduced travel costs!

George Green!

Even before it’s snazzy renovation, actually making use of this library was a high point of the year. Less busy than Hallward, the temperature is kind-of predictable, and now it’s all nice and new.

How to make the most of the Nottingham Advantage Award

Not to sound too much like those people who shout about it at the start of lectures, but I didn’t take part in any Advantage Award modules in first year so did two this year instead and they were great, especially the Boots Commercial Enterprise module!


No regrets!

The nearest places for pizza, McDonalds, and other ridiculously unhealthy food

Last year, I was able to avoid long days at uni. This year, I wasn’t so lucky. This led to a lot of unhealthy meals and therefore discovering the best places to source them.

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