June 9, 2015, by Olivia

The Summer Job

Hello dear readers, I am blogging from Kettering! Haven’t heard of it? Well I forgive you because neither did most of my friends.. To give you an idea; it is in the borough of Northamptonshire and is between Nottingham and London, about an hour to both cities.

The reason I am here is because I am on a paid summer placement at Kettering General Hospital’s pharmacy department for a whopping 12 weeks which is pretty much the entire summer break. As it will be my first time having spending such an extended amount of time in the hospital pharmacy department, I am hoping that this placement will re-affirm my aspiration to become a hospital pharmacist (and not the other way around!). Also this will definitely help me to get my foot in the door of working for the NHS so I am very excited to see where this adventure will take me.

I have not had the time to explore the town very much at all with me moving in and unpacking on Saturday night and getting things sorted and ready on Sunday for the weekday. Today was my second day on the job and although it is only the induction week, I thoroughly enjoyed having a tour around the department and meeting everyone on the team. It’s amazing how everyone is so nice and welcoming and I can definitely see myself learning a lot.

However I must say I am missing Nottingham quite a bit even though I have only been gone for a few days, mostly because I am away from friends and that Nottingham is a lot busier than Kettering. I never thought I would miss it, the students you see about and ambulances constantly going past my house on the way to the QMC. Strangely I have not heard a single ambulance although I live 5 minutes away from the hospital!

Anyway I will be off for now as I am really tired from work!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer breaks or for those of you working like me I hope your job is enjoyable, if not think of all the money you’re making to motivate you. 😉

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