February 4, 2015, by Jennifer Scott

Failed Attempts at Being Healthy

Now it’s February, I’m sure most New Year’s resolutions have gone out of the window. If yours are still going strong then congrats – you’re better than most! I made one New Year’s resolution that’s pretty much a whole life resolution: be healthy. How many of you said the same thing? Everyone?! Not very original, I know.

While all other student blogs are sharing their top tips for eating healthy on a student budget, I figured it’s about time I shared the things that have prevented me from becoming the health superstar I hoped I’d be in 2015. To everyone else who’s struggling – you’re not alone!

1. 3 days worth of pain after a Pilates class. Three. Whole. Days. I thought it was all nice stretches, so my teeny tiny muscles got a shock when weights were called for! Needless to say, I skipped this week’s class… Maybe I’ll try again in March.

2. The release of Boots vegetable juices, with a flavour that should be called ‘cruel carrot and mango’. I thought it’d taste at least a bit fruity, but it just tasted like carrots, carrots, carrots and a teeny tiny after-taste of sugar. Do yourself a favour and get a Coke on your next meal deal!

3. My first taste of Morrison’s carrot crisps… Again, I didn’t want them to actually taste of carrot. Put some salt on them, won’t you?

4. Cold weather. I’m having the extra time in my comfy warm bed and there’s no chance I’m having a smoothie for breakfast when my body is literally (but not really literally) frozen.

5. Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese. It tastes so good! (I sang that in my head, that’s how wonderful cheese is)

Needless to say, my dreams of fresh juices and light salads didn’t quite come true. Even as I write this, I have lasagne in the oven. In the words of Britney, oops I did it again. I think my error might be that I keep buying carrot-themed foods and I don’t really like carrots. Maybe when the weather improves a bit I’ll feel more motivated? How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Hopefully better than mine!

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