February 9, 2015, by Olivia


I missed a post last week, sorry about that! I have just been swamped this new semester. Not because of the amount of work I had but the amount of change that has happened. It is so strange going from having a fixed timetable that is jam-packed with lectures to 5 half-days a week without a fixed timetable. I never thought I would said this, but I feel a little lost without my crazy timetable. However  am slowly adjusting to the changes so here I am blogging!

The most major change that has happened was that I no longer have any pharmacy lectures to attend this semester. Instead, I get to spend two half days in a lab to work on my research project! Things were a little rocky at first as I was overwhelmed by all the new information and procedures being thrown at me. It has been a lot better this week as I get the hang of things in the lab and on Friday I finally managed to get the expected results on my experiment!

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There were also the optional modules to get used to. I took quite a leap picking modules that bear no resemblance to past modules I have undertaken for my university degree and it was very strange at first. One of the modules I am currently taking is offered by the department of culture, film and media and it felt so bizarre to be doing a non-scientific module where there is no right or wrong answer.


What do you mean 90 is four 20s and a 10?!

Speaking of bizarre I also picked beginners French as one of my optional modules, and it is a strange feeling to learn a new language at 21 (the last time I remember learning a new language was when I was 7 years old). l forgot how engaging these type of classes can be and I am thoroughly enjoying myself! Although my current struggle is learning the French numbers beyond 60! Who knew you had to know math before you learnt numbers?

And speaking of French, the School of Pharmacy had some lovely students on exchange from the University of Angers this week. (I am killing it with the segues today!) Unfortunately I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted with this lovely bunch as there were many clashes with my labs and optional modules.



They were all such lovely people and hopefully there will be an opportunity to see them all again, maybe on their turf. Hanging out with them has also encouraged me to push on with the French classes in hopes that when we do meet again I will be able to say more than “bonjour” and “je m’appelle Olivia”.

That’s all from me this week, I hope you all have a great week ahead. Au revoir for now!

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