February 2, 2015, by James

Let Freedom Sing!


BraveHeart drawing

So this is what freedom feels like… maybe George Washington had a point all them years ago.
Exams are over, the days are now brighte – habitable and Saturday evening Match of the Day can be enjoyed without a text book in one hand (sidenote: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich makes both an excellent beer mat and ‘No way was that a penalty!’ stress bag… who knew?)

With this in mind, I feel some celebration is in order. And, as someone who once went to Wales on a RagRaid, I believe singing is the only proper way to do so.

With this in mind, here are the top 5 places to belt it out in Nottingham:

#1 Outside Crisis
It’s 2 a.m., you’ve got some chips. Grease and long-forgotten newspaper headlines are no longer the only thing you have in common with the average X-factor finalist. The Concert Hall is only 50 yds away, maybe your heartfelt rendition of ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ is enough to get you spotted…

#2 On the Sherwood/Rutland road at 2 a.m.
In first year I had the pleasure of week-long serenades from Rutland’s finest. Why not join them to firmly put the “Ass” into “Bassline”. Who knew the words “suck”, “dump” and “don’t you wish you were in Cripps” could sound ever sound so angelic? Not this man, now with tinnitus and insomnia, not this man at all.

#3 Musicality
Where like actual proper singers go… they did Phantom of the Opera last year and it was well good until the lights messed up and it went from Phantom of the Opera to Séance at the Opera.
(Seriously though, give them a try… I’m told everyone can sing in a choir section).

#4 Chambers Karaoke Bar.
The place that puts the “harm” into “harmonise”.
The place that proves that music does not tame the savage beast.
Some say that STOMP! we’re first to combine swinging household objects and percussion… they’re wrong.
If you’ve ever wanted to sing R.E.M. during what might be the “End of the World as we Know It”, Chambers is for you.
It’s violent is what I’m sayin’.

#5 Walkabout
One of the best small group night outs to be had in Nottingham. You get your own room with a karaoke machine and all the regret table service can offer you. Points if you get the bar staff to weep a patriotic tear at your rendition of their national anthemn: “Down Under” by Men at Work.


Happy freedom readers, and remember… Friends don’t let friends sing Alanis Morrissette.



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