January 27, 2015, by Tilly Potter

When the ordinary feels extraordinary

I disapprove of the fact I didn’t finish exams until Friday afternoon, but was back in lectures by Monday (I’m sure many of you feel the same!). I therefore wanted to pack in as many ‘normal person not revising’ things as possible in the intervening weekend through having a trip home. Here’s a selection of ordinary things that I found truly delightful this last weekend (revealing my blissful laziness):

1) Cheeky celebratory Starbucks (going against my coffee post, I’m sorry…) with accompanying snapchat. As soon as I got into town after my exam I had some time to kill before setting off, so I had a ridiculously sickly sweet drink with all the trimmings.



2) A train journey. Normally not very fun, but to sit and relax and not think about revision was lovely.


3) Trashy TV. Everyone knows when your head has had a workout, the last thing you want is something too intellectual. I caught up with Waterloo Road on iPlayer (don’t judge) and watched The Voice at home with the parents.


4) Fictional books. Ah, a book that doesn’t involve the word ‘psychology’. Not that I don’t love my subject or anything… but too much of anything can be a bad thing. I finally got round to reading this book which I bought way back in August but have been too busy to read. I’m not going to get into a discussion about whether it’s good or not (mainly because I can’t decide).


5. Homeness. A warm fire. A squishy sofa. Mum-made lasagne. Perfect.

IMG_0734[1] IMG_0735[1]

6. Guilt free trips into the outdoors, including going out for breakfast, mooching around shops and going for a walk.

Now to return to the real world of lectures and more studying. Saying that, it’s probably a good thing – a little relaxing allows you to enjoy it while it lasts, but too much can lead to couch potato mode which makes it harder to start off again. So here’s to a busy term!

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