January 31, 2015, by Laurie Jacobs

It’s been a while…


Happy Christmas!

Happy New Year!

That should just about cover all of the greetings, belated as they may be.

It has indeed been a while, and I apologise for that, but as you may imagine it has been a busy old time of year.

Christmas came and went as quickly as it always does, and all of the sudden exams came around worryingly soon after – as this is my final year they had to be taken very seriously!

But all of that is behind us now and the new semester, my LAST semester, has begun! Proceedings started with a bang (or should that be a splash?) this week as I went on a boat party with the Politics Society. For those not well versed in this ritual of Nottingham University socials, the boat party is exactly as it sounds, a cruise down Nottingham’s river Trent with a meal and bar included on board. What is not to like.

However with the highs, come the lows, and the lowest of all lows at University, literally the worst part of the whole academic experience, comes with the first seminars/tutorials of the term.

Your tutor comes strolling in, fresh faced, ready to impart vast swathes of knowledge upon their willing students, all seems well. But they then utter those fateful words.

“We’re going to go round the room, introduce yourselves, and tell us something interesting about you.” Some even go as far as to call it a ‘fun fact.’

Your mind goes blank. Surely there must be something interesting about you that you can share? Surely?

It doesn’t help matters that as this discussion travels around the room, your fellow students seem to be the most interesting people known to man. I guarantee you, as you struggle to even make up a lie about something interesting about yourself, your colleagues will be regaling tales of how they climbed Mount Everest last summer, or sailed around the world on a rubber dinghy.

In these situations if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Have your pre-thought out interesting facts ready people, the time is upon us.

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