January 26, 2015, by Olivia

Food-ventures in Nottingham

Winter exams are over, now what? Second semester of course! However before I get to that.. Here’s what I’ve been up to since I was liberated from exams on Thursday.

spoiler alert: it involves a lot of food, but you saw this coming didn’t you?

First up was a good baking session. I made not one, but TWO batches of red velvet cupcakes. Aside from them being in my favourite colour, these cupcakes are so lush and are topped off with cream cheese frosting. How could I resist making them? I only intended to make one batch, but they were a bit of a disaster as I may have mixed up baking soda and baking powder which lead to cupcakes which sank in the middle. Thankfully I was a little more focused the second time around and the cupcakes rose nicely!

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My handiwork: these were from the second batch of course. I am too ashamed to show you what happened to the first ones.

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I don’t think there is a better way to relax after exams than with a cupcake and a good book..

I also managed to squeeze in a couple of catch ups with my friends so brace yourself for even more food pictures below. If you are not a fan of food, I suggest you skip this bit and read the ending!

First up it was a catch-up (and temporary goodbye) afternoon tea with my two favourite Australians who were here on exchange. We went to Thea Caffea on Low Pavement.

It was quite a swanky joint.

It was quite a swanky joint.

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The Australians had their afternoon tea with scones.. (naturally)

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… and I had this fascinating flowering tea!

Then on Friday it was off to Le Bistrot Pierre for a friend’s belated birthday celebration. It is probably one of my favourite restaurants in Nottingham and it definitely did not disappoint. I had the lamb cassoulet and macaron for dessert. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:


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You would think that after all that my food journey through Nottingham was over, fortunately not yet! The next day a couple of my girlfriends and I headed to the Alley Cafe Bar for brunch. It is a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant and I ordered a falafel burger. It was good but I would pick a meaty burger over that in a heartbeat.

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Falafel burger & coffee at the Alley Cafe Bar.

After breakfast we headed to Homemade Cafe for a little treat, and I was proper stuffed after the dessert.

I couldn't resist taking a bite before the picture.

I couldn’t resist taking a bite of this chocolate chip banana cake with peanut butter!

Phew now that’s out of the way, I hope that hasn’t made you too hungry. Honestly sometimes I think my post are more the “Food Life” than the “Student Life”.

On to non food-related news, I am so excited (and slightly terrified) for this new semester because I will be doing new and exciting things. In case you forgot, I am currently in year 3 of my pharmacy degree and in this semester I have the choice to take two optional modules as part of the school’s initiative to broaden our horizons.

I think I am going (too) far out into the horizon by picking subjects which have zero links to my past modules. I have gone from learning about chemotherapy and sterile production to taking a module on communication and technology and a language (French)! Probably the most important thing I will do this semester is my research project which will contribute to my mini dissertation. As of right now I am pretty excited, when it comes to the dissertation writing however..

I will keep you updated on how that goes. Hope you all have a lovely first day back!

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