November 5, 2014, by Jennifer Scott

Forgetting how to Write (and Other Second Year Problems)

My ability to introduce myself is terrible. I get all shy and end up squeaking instead of speaking.


I’m always the one who says the most boring thing when told to say an interesting fact to introduce myself with. Case in point: a few weeks ago, I was involved in an introductory activity and was asked to say something on my mind. Mine was ‘that I don’t know what to say’. Oh, the joy of my imagination!

But, I’m definitely working on it. Here goes…

Hello, I’m Jennifer, but go ahead and call me Jenny. I’m a second year English student who spends more time in the science part of campus than anywhere else thanks to the folk in timetabling. In these blogs, I’ll be posting about what I get up to, both on campus and around Nottingham. Since I’m a total foodie, I should probably warn you that most of these will involve food in some way! They might also occasionally include my cat. Sorry I’m not sorry.

English Coversheet

For the most part, this last week has lacked in excitement yet been really busy. My first essay of the year was due in which took up a lot of my time. On Halloween, I decided to stay in with plenty of sweets for trick or treaters and watch the most scary TV I could handle (Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror!). Within this busy week, I have learnt a few bits about being a second year student that shocked me a little…

I’ve forgotten how to write: Over the summer, my skills set became more email than essay, which I didn’t really realise until my first assignment was due in. Oops. “Excuse me, sir, can I just summarise this essay in an email instead?” (If you share my problem: No, it’s not ok to email instead and try reading these if you’re an English student).

I still don’t know my way around campus: Does anyone actually know where the Engineering Learning Centre is? I’ve been pretending I’m a fresher when asking these questions and it’s working particularly well, I’d recommend it!

I’ve become a doer: Enrolling in two Advantage Award modules, working part time, becoming a student blogger, volunteering. It’s all in a days work for super-Jen!

Anyone else found things have changed since returning back to uni? I pinky promise I’ll find something more exciting to share for next week, when deadlines are less scary and I dare to leave the house! For now, I’ll leave you with this really good cake I ate the other day from Lee Rosy’s in Nottingham… Just a sign of things to come!

Cake from Lee Rosy's. Yummy!

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