November 4, 2014, by Tilly Potter

Hellos and Halloween

Hi everyone! I’m Tilly, a third year Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience student. As we’ve just had Halloween, here’s a picture of me looking surprised yet serious in a witch’s hat…


I never went trick or treating as a kid, so I’ve quite enjoyed dressing up in silly costumes the last few years at uni. I had a nice but relaxed night last Friday. I’d heard about a Halloween party being held at Nottingham Contemporary in town, so I went to have a quick look with my boyfriend. The Contemporary is the city centre’s modern arts venue, which I’d definitely recommend if you want to see or experience something unusual! Although it was pretty quiet as we turned up near the start, the atmosphere was really spooky (in a good way) – there was haunting music and visual projections of British folklore on the walls. There were some truly excellent costumes too, including a choir wearing masks and leaves.


After that, we headed on to a friend’s house party. The definite highlight was my male housemates walking down the stairs having just changed into ‘schoolgirl’ outfits. I’d love to post a picture up, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t forgive me for that…

The rest of this week has been pretty busy. I seem to have spent a fair chunk of my time on the bus going to and from lectures, work, home and town! ¬†Over the next few months I’ll give an insight into my student life at Nottingham, sharing everything from revision woes to trips home. So if you’re experiencing an essay meltdown, I’ll attempt to distract you from it as best as I can for a couple of minutes!


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