November 2, 2014, by Laurie Jacobs


I was struggling a bit with how to start my career as a Student Life blogger this week, but I guess we should start with some introductions!

The Basics: My name is Laurie, I’m from Brighton, and I’m a 20 year old, third year Politics student here in Nottingham. I was in Broadgate Park halls in first year, and now live in Lenton with 4 other mates.

Likes: Music, Boxing and all things West Ham United

Dislikes: Lectures and seminars earlier than 11am, and that unpredictable sort of weather we’ve been having recently where you can’t work out whether or not you need or coat or not on the walk to University. You know what I mean.

Its been a pretty busy week this week with Halloween somehow upon us already, but I still managed to squeeze in a trip to Stoke on Saturday to watch my aforementioned beloved West Ham come away with a point in a four goal thriller. (I was shocked as well)

Being away from the southeast means that it’s difficult to get to watch West Ham play, so its great to be able to travel to see them when they play in the midlands.

The Britannia Stadium, Home of Stoke City FC

But enough about football!

As it’s my final year as a student in Nottingham, I really want to make the most of it, which is something of a cruel irony because this year will feature my highest workload, but I will make it work somehow!

I’ll generally be posting about what I get up to in and around Nottingham, and tips on how to get through the academic year, so stay tuned.

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