September 28, 2014, by Olivia

It’s Good to Be Back


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Taken on my trip to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Goodbye rainforest paradise, hello Nottingham! (not that Nottingham isn’t nice)

I am back after a lovely 6-week summer in Malaysia. Scorching weather without book in sight, non-stop flow of conversation and good company pretty much sums up my trip home. The heat was what prompted my family to go up into the highlands where it was thankfully much cooler. I know, I know I should have appreciated the hot weather while I was home but what can I say, me and the sun don’t get along too well.  It was just the break I needed before going into the 3rd year of my pharmacy degree.

Although Malaysia will always be home to me, I find myself missing Notts more than a little bit while I am away. It really has become my second home. I realised this as there is always the sense of joy when I pull in to Broadmarsh or even the train station after I have been away even if it is only for awhile.

Taken in town today, it was the perfect Sunday shopping weather!

Taken in town today, it was the perfect Sunday shopping weather!

Or maybe Nottingham feels like home even more now because I live in a house? Perhaps!

Summer is now behind me and it’s time to get my mind into back to school mode. It’s my 3rd year and I really have to step up my game as this year is worth a whopping 40%! I didn’t do as well as I had hoped last year and this is my chance to improve my grades. I always say “I will be a better student this year.” at the start of every academic year (as I am sure some of you do) and I am hoping this is the year I actually get around to becoming that “better student”. Wish me luck?

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