July 16, 2014, by Sarah

A new beginning

This is it. My final post. It has been two full years since I started blogging and so much has happened in that time – good and bad. But I made it (Praise God!) and now have photos like this:




This is how you receive your hat




Graduation was definitely an experience. We stayed in the Uni hotel (ooh shiny) the night before to avoid an epic drive on the day. This meant we also could register and get photos early to beat some of the queues. Also I was trying not to laugh in the photos as they make you hold a PVC tube with a ribbon on to represent your degree. I now feel the need to go to B&Q and make one for myself and have it as a prop in all future photos, for no reason.

Massive bed for meeeee

Massive bed for meeeee

The graduation ceremony itself felt very formal and on the procession it seemed they should have been swinging incense – with all the lecturers in their robes. It was also majorly hot in the gowns! However I crossed the stage and made an awkward bow to the principal-vice-chair-deputy-governator-Queen person like you’re supposed to without tripping, and I collected my degree, so that was good.

Then there was lots of small talk, queuing, posing for photos and general overheating – but it was a precious day and I will never forget it.  Four years ago I was a fresher straight from A levels, thrown together with a group of people with similar ambitions and plans and now here I am with letters after my name and friends for life.

However, it does hit you that with everything changing, our group of graduates will never be assembled in entirety again. It’s like a bucket of water being dropped from a height – and every drop being dispersed somewhere new, flowing into a fresh adventure. You can’t get the water back in the bucket. Life changes. But maybe there’s something to be said for being a drop of water, exploring the future? Maybe? Right? …Guys? I hope so anyway.

This wouldn't be so pretty if it was stagnating

This wouldn’t be so pretty if it was stagnating



My weekend in Cornwall

I have to mention this because I saw the Disney Concert Orchestra perform pixar music live!






dfbgreofunwdasklcjx vbhofuewniadslkxc khbojn. That is all.

It was so moving! The opening of UP, and montages of finding nemo, brave and toy story 3 – so emotional. Also there have only been four Pixar composers for all 13 films – and the music is just AMAZING. If you ever get a chance to see the concert –  DO IT.

Also the Eden project setting and beautiful weather was a bonus.



I had a lovely time with my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle and ate many delicious Cornish things and did crochet and generally ladded around. We went to church and saw baptisms in the sea and  I also did pick your own fruit twice, which is one of my favourite things to do. Don’t ask me why, but I love it so much!


Cinnamon and raisin eggy bread with bacon and syrup. YES


An outrageous portion of tiramisu which I could not finish

Cheeky beach baptisms

Cheeky beach baptisms



And Finally…

I have loved blogging these past two years. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to share my life with you and get feedback and responses. I could just gush away about the creative expression and fun etc but in stead I have something to get off my chest  about blogging which I don’t like.

Image searching

Because I blog for the University,  when I use google images I have to filter it by license – so the images that come up are free to reuse and modify commercially. This means that the cream, and most of the milk of the search are poured away and I get the dregs.

I have seen the depths of the internet. I am sure that every image search for this blog, on safesearch has resulted in:

1. Something relating to my little pony

2. Anime fan art

3. Borderline indecent images.

4. Any combination of the above


Part of the problem is I might search an emotion like “tired” to help break up my text. I can’t show you examples of the above 4 points for obvious reasons  – but they’re all there.

Also I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with being tired:



On that note, I have loved our two-year conversation. Thank you and goodbye!

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