May 8, 2014, by Ben Read

My first (unexpected) business trip

Last Wednesday I received an email from AB InBev, who is a global beer company responsible for brands such as Corona, Stella Artois and Budweiser, about my application to their graduate scheme. I had completed a telephone interview a few weeks prior to this email and had all but given up hope on getting through to the next stage of the process and so assumed the email would be a rejection notice. However, amazingly it wasn’t. It was an invite to attend the assessment centre on the 7th of May in…Leuven, Belgium!Leuven is the home of Stella

Leuven is the home of Stella

This put me in a tricky position, with finals rapidly approaching and a coursework due in next week I was undecided whether going was a wise move. But then I realised working for a beer company would be super cool and I’d be a fool not to go (especially as they were paying expenses!).

photo 1 (2)

So Tuesday afternoon I headed off to Gatwick to catch an Easyjet flight to Brussels International Airport. I felt like a proper businessman jetting off to seal a major deal with a foreign client, or something along those lines.

My very orange plane!

My very orange plane!

I stayed in a very nice, conveniently located hotel opposite the train station in Leuven and treated myself to a Stella Artois at dinner, claiming it was ‘market research’!

photo 4 (3)

We had to be at the AB InBev offices at 7.45am, which was 6.45am UK time, which required a horrendously early rise. The day flew by with various group exercises, as well as a one-on-one interview. The assessment finished around 3 and having discovered 3 other candidates  were on the same flight back to Gatwick, we all went off to sample some more of Belgium’s delicacies (beer and chocolate) before catching our flight back to London.

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I am now back in Nottingham, trying to get on with revision, whilst eagerly awaiting the outcome of the assessment.  Whatever the outcome, my first business trip was a good one and hopefully there’ll be many more to come!

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