May 10, 2014, by Eve

Dreaming Up Lists Again

Life after deadlines shimmers in the distance. My relationship with that final deadline and the freedom beyond is a conflicted one; on the one hand I can’t wait to stop working but, then again, I’m wishing time would slow down so I have more time to deal with all my work! But the post-deadline world is inevitable and today I started complying a list about all the things I’m going to be doing (or not doing) when that freedom comes…

  1. Never use the word ‘furthermore’ ever againclock
  2. Read an excessively badly written novel
  3. Start dealing with my essay-based tea addiction
  4. Stop looking at the clock – no longer will time control me!
  5. Go into the unexplored world of the outside
  6. And try and avoid the all too familiar world of the inside (specially The Desk Territory)
  7. Start caring about how much chocolate I’ve been eating (this more of a negative result)
  8. Stop caring about the neighbours loud, repetitive music – maybe start learning the lyrics so I can sing along
  9. Reclaim my social personality, it’s hidden underneath a book or a file somewhere
  10. Try not to think about the ever looming Day of the Results…
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