May 7, 2014, by Sarah


Well, we had Easter.

Easter baking :)

Easter baking 🙂 (triple layer lemon and mascarpone gateaux with white chocolate Easter nests)


This is over:


Man face

Which I am both happy, and sad about.

And this has begun:

sleep on laptop



Although I’m not that bad.


I think being at home without access to my cafetiere is part of it. At the moment it feels quite hard to revise as there seems so much but also it feels quite open. Like anything could happen in these final exams.

And when I say final, I mean final. This is it. Three practical exams. One written exam. 4 years of a degree, 8 years of striving for this goal, and in a few months the probability is that I will be a registered Dietitian. Not a student as on that badge, but I real live proper actual person with-an-RD-after-my-name one. I don’t whether I want to do this:

Or this


I have been doing some fun things too though:

City of Bristol-20140428-00229 (1)This was a MASSIVE afternoon tea as a treat to my mum for proof-reading my dissertation/ belated Mothering Sunday.

We also went to turtle bay as a belated birthday celebration:

City of Bristol-20140426-00225

Passion fruit smoothie with condensed milk in is the best!


I also went to a pub in Bristol with some friends, who are famed for their incredibly stingy portion sizes.


This is called the triple bypass burger

City of Bristol-20140422-00223

This oval pile is about the size of a newborn baby of healthy term weight

I had the “dirty dirty fries” as recommended by my friends, as above. A MOUNTAIN of spicy seasoned fries, covered in cheese and pulled pork and coriander mayonnaise. I was incredibly hungry and managed 1/4-1/3. Seriously. My friend who used to order and eat two main courses in Wetherspoon’s (2 for £6.99) has never completed the entire platter. The pub was so obesogenic it was practically revision eating there…..right?

I have also been watching a season of the biggest loser – even though I don’t agree with their method it’s so addictive. And totally revision.


Anyway it’s nice to be home for a bit, even if I am trying to work. I’m feeling pretty scared about the future at the moment but trying to trust God – He certainly helps anyway!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter break!



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