April 10, 2014, by Ben Read

Firsts and Lasts

It has been an incredibly hectic week, full some exciting things and also some sad things!

Dancefloor Selfie!

Dancefloor Selfie!

Even in my final term at University I am still doing some things for the first time! Globall is the Geography Society’s annual ball and I attended it for the first on Tuesday night. It was an incredible night, curated by the fantastic GeogSoc committee at a lovely venue out in the Nottinghamshire countryside.

photo 2 (5)

I also visited the famous BYOB Chinese restaurant on Mansfield Road this week for the first time. It felt slightly strange walking into a restaurant carrying my own drinks, but the food was great and I would definitely recommend it.

BYOB Chinese

BYOB Chinese

However, it comes with the territory of third year that some things have to be done for the last time. Today I had my last lecture. Now any first or second years reading this may claim I’m lucky to be done and whilst I won’t miss my Friday 9am, I will miss the daily chance to see and catch up with all my friends.

Some other, less serious things have been done for the last time this week too. If there are any regular readers you may remember the ‘Veg Baseball’ game I introduced to the Student Life blog a while back. Well, Jack (my housemate) has taken the baseball bat home and it will not be returning to Nottingham, so before he left we rounded up all the veg in the house and went out swinging hard!

photo 3 (2)

We successfully destroyed several potatoes, carrots and a new addition to the game of lemons! The lemons prove tricky as the juice gets in your eye and stings a bit, nonetheless a great game and another thing I will miss.

I am going to end on a happy note though, I am going on my first Uni Ski Trip tomorrow evening and I absolutely cannot wait. So, providing I have internet access, next week’s blog will be brought to you from the Alps!

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