April 9, 2014, by Sarah

Having more fun(gi) in Sheffield!

Do you like food that’s sustainable?
Locally sourced?

You should try: WALL MUSHROOMS TM


Growing from the already present moisture in your kitchen- wall mushrooms (TM) are a low maintenance way to get your 5 a day! Wall mushrooms (TM) – are also absolutely free as you don’t have to pay for spores in the air! Perfect for soups, stews, stir fries, salads and possibly causing sickness. If your kitchen is damp and dingy, don’t clean and conform- let nature in and your friends will think you’re a fun-guy!

*Health benefits not guaranteed, Wall Mushrooms ltd do not accept responsibility for any damage to health and or poisoning sustained in the consumption of products. Terms and Conditions apply.

mush stir fry

They actually tasted good with a bit of soy sauce!

Ok I haven’t been eating Wall Mushrooms…I was staying with Marilyn this weekend and her sister sent us this picture from her student kitchen for us to enjoy.


…Well, this blog is about student life- which often involves mangy houses. And occasionally fungi.

It was an emotional week last week and a lot of travelling- but my mini-weekend break with Marilyn was a highlight 🙂

Marilyn treated me to afternoon tea for my birthday:




So lots of chatting, teapots and sugar- and no wall-mushrooms in sight. Lovely 🙂

We also watched frozen- which is the cinematic equivalent of a hug on Christmas morning.  So. Much. Joy.

One of my favourite bits:

There were also 5kg bags of rice reduced in Tesco. Never ones to resist a bargain we then proceeded to carry one bag each about 45 mins up some very steep hills.

Sleepy selfie

Sleepy selfie

I’m now not even sure if I like rice any more.

Not long left of placement now. If I were to use an analogy I would say it has been like a running a marathon. That you have to sprint. Without shoes. In the Sahara. Or something. Hard work anyway, but there have been some amazing moments. I won’t believe it’s actually over until I leave on my last day- then I think the Hallelujah chorus will be appropriate. It makes me so excited to get working though! Exams and job applications- future challenges. Right now I can only think a few days at a time- or a few hours to bedtime, I love sleep…mmmmm, sleeeep.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week with no unwanted fungi!

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