January 29, 2014, by Sarah

Ranting…but this is love

So this is love:


So is this:

Llanddwyn Isle Cross


And this:

frozen sticker

My mum sent me some Frozen stickers in the post after me crying down the phone about a very stressful start to hospital placement. Yes – it has actually started!


I had my VIVA on Friday, then a whole weekend to relax (what luxury -_-) then hospital placement started on Monday. The department are lovely but travelling is a nightmare.


Imagine you are someone who likes being punctual.

Imagine you want to arrive to somewhere on time to make a good impression.

Then imagine you’re late, despite catching the earliest hopper bus and practically running between changes.

Imagine just before you left a pen bursting in your pocket then getting it all over your hand, then frantically scrubbing whilst watching the clock

Imagine also falling up the stairs whilst running to get to the next bus.

Imagine almost being sick with nerves whilst trying to phone a number written in a bulky folder whilst on a rammed bus.




If someone asked me what super power I wanted, if I could have anything…right now, it would be something to do with controlling traffic and roadworks, seriously. My working hours have been changed a bit but there are future potential hiccups when I work elsewhere in Nottingham.

Also the traffic can be bad so I miss the hopper bus going back and get bone-cold waiting. leaving at 07:25 and getting back at 18:45 is a looong day.


Case in point: me huddled against the radiator




However something else that is love is Dietetics. I love it. I want to be a Dietitian – so it should all be worth it in the end. I just want travelling to be better. Anyway, rant over, but if this is love you’ll forgive me? Please?


Something else that is love – me and sleep. True story.


I hope everyone has the freedom to rant and still be loved!

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