January 28, 2014, by Ollie

The Emergence and Varsity

Just give me a second.

That’s it, was just shaking off the rustiness! It’s been nearly 4 weeks since I last blogged. I can only apologise and put all the blame on exams. Between the last blog and this one I have been through the exam equivalent of the 5 stages of grief.

  1. Denial
    Yeah these exams, they’re nothing! I’ve had harder exams. I’m clever enough to cope. I did make it to University in the first place after all. I just need to work and it will all be fine. Why am I even worried? I might as well watch Game of Thrones all day to relax myself…
  2. Anger
    YOU IDIOT! Why did you do this? You could have started working… days ago, weeks ago. Any time in the past you should have started. Why are you even thinking this now, you could have started instead of thinking about not starting. Well you’ve made your bed. Lie in it!
  3. Bargaining
    Right, come on. You should have started but if you get on with revision now you can maybe get a 2:1 and if you work well today you can relax tonight and read a book or watch one episode of Breaking Bad… but only one! Unless you work really well, then I guess you could watch 2 episodes..
  4. Depression
    It’s all over. You’ve blown it, but hey why care? Your friends will all graduate and you’ll still be staring at those pages and remembering how you let yourself down, and what for? To watch one more funny cat video? You had the rest of your life to do that, well I guess you still sort of do now… minus the degree of course.
  5. Acceptance
    Right, whatever will be will be. Could you have worked better? Yes. Can you change that? No. So cram in as much as you can, go to the exam in positive frame of mind and do your best. You’ll be fine but maybe say a quick prayer or two.
A very worthy reason to not revise...

A very worthy reason to not revise when I should have been.

However, with blurry eyes still and the bright highlighter colours still haunting my dreams it’s all over and nothing can be done about it now until I get my results. So it was finally the right time to relax, put my feet up and have a little break. On Monday my friend, Alex Phillips, who was playing in the game managed to get me some last minute tickets to the Ice Hockey Varsity match. I was uber excited. I’ve seen Ice Hockey on TV before but never really understood it or watched it properly before. Nor had I been to a Varsity match before. So you know… two birds with one stone and all that I couldn’t wait.


The atmosphere, the moment I started a chant, (I may not be good at exams… but God gave me lungs for shouting and I’ll be damned if I don’t use such a precious gift), the subsequent lost voice, the response from the Trent fans and what they thought of me and my fellow chanters. Something to do with being bankers I think and of course the result.


UofN 4 Trent 3                     UNAAAAAAY!

Congratulations to both sets of players though for putting on a great spectacle!

Having had my first taste of Varsity I can’t wait to get to other events and encourage everyone to do the same. The price of the ticket is nothing for the experience and fun you get and the late night Maccies trip rounded off the night.

Here are a few terrible photos so you can feel the atmosphere soaking through your computer screen and infecting you and hopefully get excited about the Varsity series and go to the next event!

Pucks galore as the teams warmed up.

Pucks galore as the teams warmed up.

Where's the Ice Hockey? A very talented figure skater warmed up the crowd with a great routine.

Where’s the Ice Hockey?
A very talented figure skater warmed up the crowd with a great routine.


The Under 12's had an exhibition match finished in style with a (mock) fight. That's what Ice Hockey is all about it seems!

The Under 12’s had an exhibition match finished in style with a (mock) fight. That’s what Ice Hockey is all about it seems!


In action.

In action.

P.S. If your laptop screen is leaking ‘atmosphere’ RUN. IT SHOULDN’T DO THAT!

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