December 3, 2013, by Ollie

Christmas Capers

I have succumbed to Christmas cheer. As the date on my phone, ticked over or rather changed, to the 1st December the countdown to Christmas was on. As soon as I start counting it all starts to feel real. Also with my birthday thrown in between now and Christmas, deadlines and going back home the month of December always seems to fly by!

Whilst it’s cold, dreary and altogether a bit rubbish outside nothing starts your morning better than the little window of heaven that contains that little bit of get up and go chocolate.



So tomorrow morning I will look forward to having my chocolate and if that fails to get me enthused about the day then thank heaven tomorrow is CHRISTMAS JUMPER WEDNESDAY!

Reindeer, Snowflakes and trees. Yes then.

Reindeer, snowflakes and trees. Yes then.

I scooped up the jumper on Sunday when my whole family (Mum, Dad, sister and the sister’s boyfriend too) came and paid me a visit, treated me to lunch and a bit of shopping. It was really nice being able to take them to the Christmas market and share a bit of Nottingham life with them!



Thankfully I didn’t have to share the fudge I got with anyone!

Why couldn't all this fudge be mine!

Why couldn’t all this fudge be mine!

So I hope you are feeling a bit Christmassy now too! I’m off to go listen to Fairytale of New York and feel great about myself until I start doing coursework again!

Merry Chocolatey Christmas!

Merry Chocolatey Christmas!

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