November 28, 2013, by Eve

The Plastic Bag Phenomenon

The plastic bag – a creature we are all used to seeing floating around the kitchen, stuffed in a cupboard or lined up like pancakes at a sainsbury’s checkout. But these crebagand binatures are unstoppably duplicative. No matter how much you tell yourself you’re going to re-use them the next time you go shopping you never do. I’ve never seen anyone bringing their own bag to checkout at sainsburys.

I’m here to stand up for the plastic bags – they may not be reused in their traditional role but it is still possible to give them a decent after-shop-life. Now, here are my ideas for all the various things you can use plastic bags for:

ONE: A bit of an obvious one to start with – a bin bag. Plastic bags are the perfect size for room/toilet bins. They fit like a hand in a glove. Or a bag in a bin (I think this expression has definitely got the potential to catch on)

vougeTWO: Laundry bags – same as the bin really…

THREE: Packet lunch carriers. Wrap up your cheese sandwiches or banana and peanutbutter sandwiches (I don’t want to discriminate against quirky tastes) and away you go!

FOUR: Plates! Honestly, it works. If you buy a pastry and you’re eating it in your room – but you can’t be bothered to go all the way downstairs for a plate – use the bag to save the crumbs. I mean lay it out like a plate but I guess you could loop it over your ears and catch the crumbs that way…

FIVE: Shower hats. Why not, eh? Tuck it round your head (you might need to use a hairband to neaten it) and pop in the shower. And, the best part is, you could even wear it out and about as a fancy little rain hat! Maybe…bagin

SIX: Icing piping thing (you know, the things you see on Bake Off, the things that pipe icing on cupcakes). Now, I’m not entirely sure how this could work. As you can tell I’m not entirely sure what it is. But I’m just putting the idea out there – someone can pick it up and make it into a fantastic bagin culinary piece of equipment (but I want 45% of the profits)

SEVEN: Costumes. Students are always going to fancy dress parties – I love fancy dress parties! And if you’ve got a few plastic bags handy you can let your imagination go wild. You could be a member of the Capital from the Hunger Games… a Harry Potter Dementor (if you’ve got black plastic bags)… Miss Havisham… a bird with wings (pigeon or crow depending on colours available)… a plastic bag… well, that’s just a few examples from a long list of possibilities.

So there you go. My plastic-fantastic-bag notions.


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