December 4, 2013, by Sarah

December cognitive dissonance – aka, me not making my mind up

Do you know when that coursework is for?

Excellent – the last week of term is aaaages away

Calendar check….wait a second?!

Everything is due next week!

Must remember to breathe.     Inhale.     Exhale.      Inhale.      Exhale

But…that means it’s Christmas soon!

Eating good food, family time, church, celebration

Roll on next week! HOME


This is my brain currently. On one hand – panic mode. On the other – mince pies and a cosy home Christmas. Students would make great spies, the double lives we lead.

They call me....00 2:1

They call me….00…7 deadlines


So whilst I’ve been meta-analysing, I also had a lovely weekend with some graduated friends (oh, the envy) who came to visit.

Fun things we did:

1. Shopping

I just bought stuff from here...yeah I live on the edge

I just bought stuff from here…yeah I live on the edge

2. Chatting and catching up

This picture just entertains me, we did actually talk about a lot of things

This picture just entertains me, we did actually talk about a lot of things

3. Eat yummy food

Actual photo from weekend* *not actual photo from weekend

Actual photo of me from weekend*
*not actual photo of me from weekend


4. Watch Frozen, for free, 5 days before it came out.

weekend at frozen


Just for context, my room is covered with Disney things and I have over 50 Disney DVDs. Because I’m so cool *shifty eyes*

So this film was just so awesome amazing brilliant fantastic incredible wonderful splendid fabulous excellent bfviweaubfvoneirldb iqwdcbf *shrieking”

My friend said the best thing about the film was my reaction to it, I was crying with happiness at the end.

I know I’m biased, but it’s a beautiful film. Amazing and unusual songs, really funny moments, emotional drama, Disney not taking itself too seriously and defying stereotypical Disney conventions in some serious plot twists. So, go see it. Also it’s very seasonal- yay!

I got free tickets due to being a member of Sun+ – a £1 trial I only started for a £10 Morrison’s voucher. I’m almost willing to overlook their objectification of women, the film was that good.

I also have done more sensory studies this week

sensory sensory 2












Mmmm…money. Seriously, I’ve made almost £100 this term! So much tasting/ smelling weird stuff.

It was also the Globe Christmas party woot!

globe cafe


Globe is a group run by the Christian Union/Chaplaincy for International and Home students to meet.

I have met some really really awesome people.

Also I think International Students are so brave – I don’t think I could ever study in another country, and it’s so great to find out about other cultures.

Speaking to people has made me realise that so many International students come here but never really meet us locals – which is wrong, I think.

So maybe this Christmas – share the festive love with someone new from elsewhere! Find out if they celebrate Christmas or what they do back home, you’ll meet some incredible people 🙂

Hope everyone is feeling festive and full of peace!


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