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The Ironing

It sounds like a bad horror movie title and perhaps that is a good way to describe the events that unfolded last Monday. On that hideously cold, I still can’t get over how cold it was, fateful night, the ‘Ironing’ happened. Let me recount to you, in centralised italics what happened. So sit back and carry on reading.

“As the clock struck 11:11 an army of colours descended upon the haunting streets of Lenton. Students scurried out of the path of them, slipping into the dark, cold safety of their student homes. Some of the horde were blue, some green, some red, others yellow. The noise at first deafening, grew even louder, to a level that was louder than deafening. That fateful night they turned up at the door of the main house, not 1 by 1, but 2 by 2 as the ample main door supported this kind of entry. The kitchen was a hive of activity, the toilets were often both in use, the queue extended endlessly until every now and again when it disappeared, it was at this frightening moment a gruesome discovery was made. The travel iron was… released”

despicable ironing occurring.

despicable ironing occurring.

Yup it was Biology’s first sports social of the year, couldn’t you tell? This was also my first sports social being part of the committee and that meant I saw the social run from a slightly different perspective and I thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility such as trying my best to herd my people into taxis and onto Oceana, until I got bored and hopped into one myself.

Nobody was safe.

Nobody was safe.

The first sports social reminded me of why I fell in love with Biology, we were 80 odd strong and all having a great time. Size really does matter on socials as it helps you have a great night when every direction you turn you see a friendly face out on the same social as you. Planning is already underway for the next social and I’ll be sure to bring you more photos and stories. It is nearly a year to the day that the infamous green chicken ‘went down’ find out about that here. I’ll hopefully avoid doing the same thing this year!

Every Tuesday I try to bring my blog to you, up to date and as relevant as possible. This also means that it is my first time to talk about Halloween. I enjoyed a series of good nights over the course of Halloween but I unfortunately have a very sad story to tell you.

It was around 7:30 on Wednesday and I had awoken from a post University nap, feeling tired and a little bit confused, as I do after every nap I ever have, when there was a knock at the door (as well as a continuous 6 second buzz on the doorbell). ‘Great we’re about to be pranked’, I thought and tried to persuade my housemate to get the door but the logic in her argument that I was closer prevailed and I went to open the door.

No sooner had I actually opened the door 3 young girls, about 6, all chimed “Trick or treat”. It was at this moment my heart dropped. I wanted the ground to devour me. Why you may ask? Well I’ll tell you. It was because I knew I had to break their hearts and tell them we had nothing to give them. Unless they wanted a potato, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have wanted a potato. We were virtually out of food and had nothing appropriate to give genuine trick or treaters, nothing sweet, no fruit and not even any coinage!

I didn’t have to fake the sorrow in my voice as I told them and they replied with a dejected ‘That’s alright’ and started walking off. My heart still pangs as I hear those words play over and over. Kids forgiving me, an adult, for ruining their night. All I can do is learn from this and next year I will be prepared. I hope they managed to still have a good night!

So after this there was nothing left than to go out, have a few drinks and try and feel better about myself.

A few quick thanks to Hannah and Alicia for letting me use their pictures!


Cleopatra, Where’s Waldina (Wally) and an old man. Standard Halloween

Bad Grandpas'

Bad Grandpas’

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