February 10, 2013, by Ollie

Green Chicken Down!

This weekend I was lucky enough to pop back home and enjoy a bit of R&R after a bit of a manic week that I’ve come to realise is now just the normal for any University student. I’ll get to the home bit in a minute but first I thought I’d share a few pictures to let you know why this week was particularly manic.

My Modelling Career?

On Monday afternoon I nervously ventured into Portland Atrium building and met with my fellow bloggers Kiran and Beca for a photography session organised by Fraser Wilson the Communications Officer for the University and ultimately our boss! (Did I tell you he’s a really nice guy?) The photo session lasted for nearly an hour and was suprisingly fun if not a bit different, we posed in a few different places, sometimes looking studious, sometimes looking fun and sometimes looking serious. The photography team were brilliant and it was a pleasure getting to meet Beca and Kiran, my fellow bloggers and of course Fraser, seeing the man behind the e-mails! The pictures will go towards promoting our blogs and being used for general promotions (perhaps!) Keep an eye out on the TV screens posted around the university and who knows maybe this is the break I’ve been looking for! I’m naturally photogenic!


Definitely not…

The Wacky Scientist Bar Crawl

On Monday it was the Wacky Scientist Bar Crawl. Colours were designated to each Science and the idea was to represent your subject. So which Science was the loudest, the brightest and the best? Of course Biology! In the 4 bars that made up the bar crawl – Squares, BZR, L’Asie & Revolution challenges were held and #BioArmy came out on top in all of them.
(Here was the first challenge)
Then onto Oceana to dance the night away, the cheese room was taken over by a sea of green and it was a great night, all rivalries were light-hearted and it was good to be part of a big event. Little did I know however that cheese would be the near death of me. Not one of my proudest moments I went over on my ankle during the Cha-Cha slide and headed to A&E escorted by members of the #BioArmy, Jackson Lam and Ben Pardy – who I’d like to thank for looking after me!
Fear not, all was well, no breaks but remember is the Cha-Cha slide worth it kids?


A&E warning poster – copyright Ben Pardy Inc.



Just a quick mention, as a fresher I’m starting to get to know the nightlife Nottingham offers and since the relaunch of TFIM @Oceana I’ve certainly been impressed and found myself there a few times this term!

Home, Sweet Home!

Getting out of lecture on Friday I was more excited than usual. In around an hour I would be sat on a train and on my way home. After one of those typical taxi driver conversations:

it's there!

it’s there!

Taxi Driver (TD): “Where to my friend?”
Me: “Train station please”
TD: “Oh, going home for the weekend?”
Me: “Yeah”
TD: “Where to?”
Me: “Lincolnshire”
TD: “… oh. Where’s that?”
Me: “It’s a large county that borders Nottinghamshire, North East of here”
TD: “.,. oh. Not heard of it”

I’ve decided to show you that Lincolnshire is the very near neighbour of Nottinghamshire. Maybe they should include a first year compulsory module for all courses, “British Isles Geography: Lincolnshire – Where is it?”

Anyways I bumped into a friend on the train journey home so managed to pass the hour and a half talking away about anything and everything. This weekend my girlfriend was also home who I hadn’t yet seen this term so I couldn’t wait to go see her and catch up. We watched the Legend of the Guardians – maybe not aimed for over 18’s but I loved all the same! Saturday came and now back at home I sat and it wasn’t long til I sank onto my settee and flicked the TV on and just enjoyed doing nothing! For dinner I had home food and it was gorgeous – mum’s cooking is the best and for dessert my sister had made some lovely cakes, just for me. I’m that special!

Sister's lovely cakes!

Sister’s lovely cakes!

The rest of the weekend passed without incident and now I’m back in Newark Hall, Nottingham, writing this blog. Reflecting on the too little time there is in a weekend, especially a weekend that you’ve spent relaxing. Well, roll on the next one!


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