February 12, 2013, by Shane

Did you watch …?

Television: is it welcome downtime or a procrastination pest? One of student’s favourite past times is the amount of TV we consume, when we should be doing anything except vegetating in front of our digital boxes. But its cold, snow is forecast again this week (I know, I thought we were in the clear too), and theres so much good TV on!

Often when you can’t keep your eyelids open during your 3 o clock lecture, the thought of a cuppa tea and some biscuits in front of the telly is what gives you the strength to continue learning about [insert boring module here].

So what do I watch?
There’s the classic saturday night ‘Take Me Out’, which I’m sure a lot more students watch than are willing to admit. Despite our culture’s recent saturation with reality tv, ‘Take Me Out’ remains amusing and addictive, focusing on a hot topic of student’s lives: dating. Paddy’s cheesy lines and some of the reasons the girls give for turning off their light are still keeping the nation entertained. This show has got ‘guilty pleasure’ written all over it.
For something that was guaranteed to broaden my horizons and stun me with its awesomeness, I caught up on the  BBC’s recent series ‘Africa’, narrated by David Attenborough. The stunning footage of nature we could never dream of seeing, is made even better with the comical narration of David Attenborough.
greysPersonally, my favourite tv series is ‘Greys Anatomy’. If you haven’t seen it the show is a medical drama which centres on the lives of the staff at Seattle Grey’s hospital. The show is emotionally charged with temperamental, overachieving surgeons, yet brilliant drama is cleverly interwoven with genius humour. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and the backdrop of a medical environment has kept the show fascinating for nine series now (and counting hopefully). I highly recommend it.
Last Semester, along with what seemed like the rest of Britain, I jumped on the ‘Homeland’ band wagon. The massively popular American show that focuses on the very topical theme of terrorism runs at full speed while throwing moral dilemma after moral dilemma at the audience. Its fast paced and makes you think, which makes it all the more exciting.
Alternatively, when I just need to switch off for half an hour or so I turn on E4. It offers the best American comedy shows including: New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, The New Normal and Scrubs. If you hadn’t guessed yet, I’m a huge fan of American TV series. I also think I’m a TV addict …
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