November 1, 2013, by Eve

Shower Buddies

nudistNext time when you’re in the shower, just stand still for a few moments. And you’ll probably come to the same conclusion as I did: this is bloody weird. I’m just standing, naked, in a confined space, with water pouring on my head.

Having a bath makes sense – you’re covered with water and hopefully that water’s going to clean you. But showers are just bizarre.

Another issue with showers is the concept of Singing in the Shower. I do an awkward internal/external style of singing in the shower. I’ll be singing the song in my head – and it sounds surprising accurate to the original – but every so often it kind of slips out in random ‘un’… un’… all I’ve g’ to gi’… de-de-de-de-dum’ (for those who didn’t get that straight away it was ‘One Night Only’ – classic shower belter).

But the real question is: why? Yes, people like singing and they can sing whenever and wherever they like. So why has the shower got a reputation for being the ideal place to bust a tune?

Practice? Boredom? Loneliness?shampoo

I believe that people sing so that their voice can keep them company.

Now – before I roll out my grand idea – may I remind you that water costs money and it costs water. People are always going on about how we should save water and students are always going on about how we should save money and if shower-singingers are always lonely I can see only one solution:

Shower buddies.

A fantastic community saving venture! I should do product design. Killing three birds with one shower. (ew. What a repugnant image)

But you must admit it makes sense! Who wouldn’t want someone to chat to?

‘Did you know people use an average of 45 litres for a 5 minutes shower?’

‘Oh no! How disgraceful! Not us.’

‘Certainly not. Pass the shampoo.’

catsWhen I suggested this brilliant idea with my housemates they were less impressed. We had a visitor round at the time and he left very soon after I turned the conversation a la shower.

Yeah, ok – I can see what you’re thinking, the vital flaw in my amazing scheme to counter the pros of saving on water bills: nudity. Yes, some people get pretty British when it comes to nakeidty. But – look at it this way – it’s just skin. Two cats wouldn’t mind sharing a shower (even without collars on) they’d just give a cattish shrug and be like ‘what’s up? Nice shower’.

Hmm… but maybe cats wouldn’t go in the shower. No, I don’t think they’re the best example to prove my point.

Nudists – now there’s a band of economical buddies. They must save an astonishing amount of money! They’d be happy sharing showers, saving water. They don’t even buy clothes so that’s another hunk of money they’re saving.birds

(Note to self: research if nudists wear shoes.)

Well, I’ll sit on this idea for now – mull it over, come up with some shower buddy accessories – maybe a double ended sponge or two-headed shampoo bottle – draw up some saving statistics and who knows in a year or so the government could be adopting my multi-saving plan. They’ve already got siblings sharing bedrooms why not throw them in the shower as well?

Well it’s a work in progress.

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