October 31, 2013, by Ben Read

To me, to you…

Happy Halloween! It was celebrated last night by many Nottingham students donning silly outfits and heading down to Crisis. I went out dressed like this…

Yes...The Chuckle Brothers

Yes…The Chuckle Brothers

I appreciate the fact it is not a traditional Halloween costume, but I think you’ll agree it is fairly terrifying! I noticed whilst walking through the sea of people in Crisis last night almost everyone I passed either looked horrified at what they saw or enlightened by seeing a familiar face from their childhood.

However, until a nifty solution was found (we printed off Paul’s face), we were The Chuckle Twin Brothers due to the fancy dress shop astonishingly selling out of Paul but not Barry masks!

The Chuckle Twin Brothers

The Chuckle Twin Brothers

You have to ask why someone would buy a Paul mask without buying a Barry mask, that would be equivalent to Ronnie without Ronnie, Ben without Jerry, Mario without Luigi, Richard without Judy or even Ant without Dec.

It was amazing how many people after all these years still recognised The Chuckle Brothers and appreciate their undeniable broadcasting talent which we all willing absorbed as children.

Can you believe Barry is now 68 and Paul 66? They continued making ChuckleVision until 2009, finishing their 21st series with an emotional farewell to kids tv. I think you’ll agree quite an incredible achievement from the brothers to have managed to make their career last so long, I wonder how many times they uttered the words, to me, to you!

I apologise for the randomness of this blog entry, I’ve wanted a medium to express my admiration for the brothers and I finally found it! I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past and if you really enjoyed it I’m sure the ChuckleVision box set is available online at a highly discounted price!

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