October 30, 2013, by Sarah

First World Bug

Man, I’m so exhausted. This week has been so busy, there were two parties, cinema trip and meal with friends, gig last Friday, travelled up to Inverness to visit a friend – it’s been action packed!

This is not true.

This week I have had a bug so have been ladding about in my room, alternately trying to do work and curled up in bed with stabbing stomach pain/headache/ fever/shivers. Yay.

It is bad times when you’re shivering so much (despite your room being a furnace and wearing many layers) that you spill night nurse whilst pouring it with shaking hands, then your teeth are chattering so it’s hard to get the spoon in your mouth, then have green dribbles.

Lol, I’m amused by it now as I’ve turned a corner (went to GP) and recovering.

All the best medicines have a reggae soundtrack. Maybe Levi Roots should do reggae reggae cold and flu? Probably the spices in it are quite good for a cold anyway.

I haven’t done much fun this week, but have been thinking that although it’s not great being ill at Uni, I’m much better off than many – and that night nurse thing is such a first world problem. Here are a few others that have struck me this week:

My current top 5 first world problems:

  1. Double strength squash. Why can’t I make it properly? It ends up lasting as long as single-strength!

    double strength squash, Thanks to google for the pun

    Double strength squash, Thanks to google for the pun

  2. Not having a soup spoon and feeling slightly improper when having soup.



  3. Being unable to text when your phone is syncing (courtesy of Marilyn)

    It's always time to text...right? Guys? Anyone? Ok, I guess I'll just text them

    It’s always time to text…right? Guys? Anyone? Ok, I guess I’ll just text them…

  4. Now it’s winter having too many TV programs to choose from on the Radio Times and having to prioritise

    Please. Just don't.

    Please. Just don’t.

  5. Having too many tabs/docs open – my computer told me recently I was trying to open over the maximum number of documents -_-

    No more documents - I beg you!

    No more documents – I beg you!

Anyone got any they would like to add?

Sorry I don’t have much more news this week  – but tonight I am going to a comedy gig of the incredible Joe Lycett  and Gourmet Burger Kitchen to eat before  so things are on the up now!

I first heard of Joe Lycett a few years ago through Chortle Student Comedy Award Youtube stalking – (visit if you want to procrastiWIN) and he came to funny farm last year and that only confirmed my high opinion of him. Hilarious. James Acaster will also be performing – I saw him before as warm-up for Milton Jones and he was on Buzzcocks a few weeks ago – he’s also very amusing so it should be a good night – ideally with no bus crashes like before!

I know I posted it before but it’s so good – and also one of the few clean videos!

Hope everyone is healthy and happy 🙂



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