October 24, 2013, by Ben Read

Distracted from work? So am I!

I am becoming increasingly convinced by a body of academic research (mainly by Professor Trougakos) that suggests that taking regular breaks whilst working is essential to being more productive.

Being in third year, the reading, the dissertation and the graduate applications are mounting up and I’m finding that quality stress relieving breaks are crucial to maintaining sanity, will-power and productivity! Here are 3 of my favourite games that are so mind-numbingly simple it gives your brain a great chance to relax…

  1. Veg Baseball is a great stress reliever! I would recommend potatoes, onions or any similarly hard veg.
  2. Throw an onion into the bin on the stairs game is fantastic! You and your opponent take it in turns to throw the onion into the bin, moving it up a few steps each time you succeed, first to the top is the winner!  Another advantage of this game is that it won’t last a very long time because eventually all the layers will break off the onion and you’ll have to go back to work.
  3. Bat & Ball is fairly self-explanatory and has the advantage being so monotonous and repetitive you will actually want to go back to work!

I hope this kills some of your boredom and makes you more productive, as you can see it has worked for me..!


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