October 23, 2013, by Sarah

Rainbow Living

I don’t know how you’re feeling, but all the rain recently has felt quite a lot like pathetic fallacy for me (NB this is when the weather is used to echo mood for dramatic effect – yay English A Level). I loved placement, but naturally it was hard work, then I had a few weeks to catch my breath before going straight into fourth year. Boom.  Cue coursework, dissertation, long lectures and the constant feeling that this is the beginning of the end. An emotional downpour, if you will.

However, this weekend was a ray of sunshine.

I went home and was very busy; I had my 21st birthday meal (only 8 months late), had a family photoshoot (lol), saw Cats, went to church and spent some time with my family.

Bed at home :)

Bed at home 🙂

The meal was gorgeous at a quirky restaurant in Bristol called the Gallimaufry which specialises in seasonal. local, cheffy but not pretentious food. My cup of tea essentially. We had three courses and I was so full, my food baby was triplets.

Me and the fam at the Galli:

me at galli fam at galli

My brother would have come with us but his favourite food is essentially Domino’s…so it didn’t really cater for him. He made himself a meal at home of a whole pizza, 3 fried eggs, a tin of beans and a tin of sweetcorn. Each to their own.

We also had a family ohoto shoot (lol) as my mum got an offer for a free one at a posh studio in Bristol. This stemmed from the realisation that we have no group family photos since me and my brother were little. However, we were not prepared for how extortionate the photos are likely to be.

So a small framed desktop photo….guess how much? £20? £50? £100?

Try £200

Any kind of large photo was £500 and above.

So no matter how nice the photos are, that’s not happening. Ahh well, it was an entertaining afternoon trying to make eachother laugh during the various poses. I just wonder who has the money to spend thousands on a few large-ish family photos? You could buy serious art for that. I suppose the company, lovely as they are, would argue that their work is art. Never mind.

However the brightest sunlight of all this weekend was Cats. My brother and dad didn’t go to this as it’s not really their thing – I showed my brother a clip on youtube and he said “what? It’s just some dumbass fat man dressed as a cat.” Like I said, each to their own.

Anyway, words fail me at how incredible it was. If you have a chance to see it, JUST DO IT.

me and mum at cats

The staging was amazing:


The singing and dancing of unparalleled quality. I mean how many times can one person spin? Some of them seemed to defy physics the way they moved, and it was alternately funny, entertaining, moving, beautiful and overall spectacular. Constant beautiful dancing and simply poetry by T S Eliot set to music – what more can you ask for? It reminded me that music has a power to touch people in a way we don’t fully understand.

So I was one happy bunny (cat?)

me at Cats

Now after a bright weekend, I’m now on the train smelling other passenger’s Chinese takeaway. From the sublime to the ridiculous. However the light of this weekend should hopefully brighten the rainy work when I return – rainbow living 🙂




I hope you’re all experiencing sunshine, or at least a rainbow – have a lovely week!

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